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Walnut, acrylic ink, about 14.5″ in diameter

Couple of firsts with this piece for me.  Instead of creating a grid pattern, as will all of my previous pieces, I used what bead weavers call a “two drop peyote” pattern where the “beads” shift 50% every two rows.  This is very visible in the closeup.  The use of “two drop peyote” and “three drop peyote” allows for more circular shapes compared to a straight grid pattern or an “even peyote” pattern, where the “beads” shift every row, like bricks.

The other first for me here was that I created this pattern by adapting an actual bead weaving pattern created by someone else rather than creating the pattern on my own. The pattern came from a free Italian bead weaver who sadly no longer appears to be active.

Proof of concept

Proof of concept pieces, Sapele, about 9" in diameter each

Proof of concept pieces, Sapele, about 9″ in diameter each

Proof of concept pieces (closeup)

First attempts.  These three pieces were my first post-experimentation attempts at using the bead weaving illusion technique with the blue-rimmed piece in the foreground being the very first.

All three pieces are made from Sapele wood and are approximately 9″ in diameter.