About Me

Thank you for visiting my modest web presence.

I have been a woodturner (woodturning being the use of a wood lathe to shape wood into shapes, usually round shapes) since I bought my first wood lathe in 2010.  In the following years, I enhanced my skills through practice and instruction and tried a variety of different styles of work, but never found something that felt like “home”, creatively speaking.  In late 2015, I experimented with using a well-established woodturning embellishment technique called the “basket illusion” technique in order to embellish the rims of larger platters, which were and are my preferred form.  Instead of using dyes or normal inks to color the piece, I experimented with other coloring techniques before deciding to focus on the use of acrylic ink.  The substantial opacity and color vibrancy of acrylic ink allows me to achieve bright, vibrant colors that I can mix to whichever hue I desire, much like mixing paint.  This also allows me to use almost any species of wood, light or dark.  I only apply the technique to the rims of my platters because I want the wood I use to “co-star” in the final production.  I refer to my style of work as “bead inlay illusion” or “bead weaving illusion” since the end result looks very much like woven beads.

My most direct influences have been David Nittmann, whose use of bright colors and intricate patterns showed me that the creative possibilities of the “basket illusion” technique, and Harvey Meyer, an accomplished “basket illusionist” woodturner who has made the basic techniques that I and others employ more accessible to everyone through his excellent demonstrations and classes.

I reside in Arlington, Virginia with my wife and daughter.