I’m on Instagram

I finally got around to creating an Instagram page.  There won’t be anything I post over there that I don’t post here, but it is a great way to follow my work and, more importantly, the work of many other talented woodturners who also post their work there (usually linked into #woodturning).  

My page can be found here.


“Hexagonal Canes”

Hexagonal Canes

Walnut, acrylic ink, 15″ in diameter.  

This is my homage to the collaborative platters created by polymer clay artist Cynthia Tinapple and her woodturner husband, Blair Davis.  “Canes” is a polymer clay term for rolling multiple colors of clay together into rolls and then slicing them into multi-colored slices.  I tried to somewhat replicate the “look” of this using the bead weaving illusion technique.